Empty Jagermeister (6) SIX Glass Bottles 1.Liter



SIX Empty(6) Jagermeister Glass LIQUOR BOTTLES THEY ARE 1LITER EMPTY RECYCLED GLASS BOTTLES with caps. I have a very,LARGE SELECTION AVAILABLE of empty liquor bottles.. JACK DANIELS HONEY JIM BEAM JIM BEAM STAG JIM BEAM HONEY CROWN ROYAL JOSE CUERVO KETEL ONE STOLI RUMPLE MINZE BAILEY'S SEAGRAM'S 7 SEAGRAM'S VO CHIVAS REGAL DEWARY'S BARCARDI DRAGON/WOLF/LIMON/O/ SMIRNOFF TARANTULA TEQUILA WILD TURKEY KAHLUA BOMBAY ABSOLUT TANGUERAY CAPTAIN MORGAN MALIBU PARROT BAY FIREBALL http://pattiespassion.indiemade.com/catalog/recycled-glass-liquor-bottles If you want a brand other then jager, just send me a email... I will make you a customer order for whatever brand you need...