Two (2) Snake plants // Mother In Law Tongue Sansevieria Trifasciata live plant CLEAN AIR PLANT


The Snake Plant , Mother In Laws Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata , is a member of Agavaceae family and will grow about 4 feet tall.

The rooted Snake plant are about 6" tall ... you will receive (2) TWO of them.

I also include clippings of other plants

I'm cleaning out my garden, so I'm offering a great price for this great plant..

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Will be shipped bare root to save on shipping

Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii')

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. Put one in your bathroom