Valentine's Kalanchoes Tubiflora Maternity Plant Succulents- Blooms Red Flowers 10 big babies plant great for terrariums-garden-


This is a great price for a great succulent. You will receive 10 babies. These succulents love full sun and dry conditions . Just plant them in dry sandy soil and full to partial sun, water lightly until the plants are established. They already have roots, so in no time your big babies will grow and grow.

Native to Madagascar; an erect shrub-like succulent grow to over 5 feet in height. Red violet flowers in winter. Forms tiny plantlets that fall to the ground, root and grow as new plants. Provide bright light/sun; water thoroughly when soil is dry.

This listing is for 10 lttle rooted plants. I have many more of these plants so if you would like more than one order, please convo me and I will do a special order for you!

They grow on or in anything.

The first picture is what the succulent will look like when it blooms next winter with its Deep Red Violet flowers.. I just took the picture of it flowering 1/17/13...

This is the best succulent you can have. I know you will fall in love with this great, easy, fast growing friendship succulent as I and so many others have.

I will be shipping them bare root to you to save on shipping cost.

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Any questions please feel free to to contact me.