Vintage Hall Windshield Gold with Rose Tea Pot / Teapot


Hall Windshield Teapot - Maroon- Standard Gold with RosesWindshield - The Windshield teapot got its name from the stylized upper rim of the teapot. This pretty Deco shape is quite popular and comes in a variety of colors as well as in some of the decal patterns. This teapot has been found with hand-painting and comes with gold decoration in both Standard Gold and Gold Label styles. The Gold Label Dots decoration has been found with platinum (or silver) dots and trim as well. This lovely 6 cup shape was introduced in 1941 as one of Hall China's Gold Label series teapots.

Solid Colored teapots have been found in Black, Cadet, Camelia, Canary, Chinese Red, Cobalt, Dresden, Emerald, Indian Red, Ivory, Marine, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow. Standard Gold Decoration colors include Black, Cadet, Canary, Cobalt, Dresden, Emerald, Ivory, Maroon, Turquoise, and Warm Yellow.


Gold Label Teapots have been found in Camelia, and Ivory. Other colors may exist.


Old decal patterns include Orange Poppy, Carrot, Golden Carrot, Game Bird, and Golden Clover . A number of these teapots in decal patterns have been made by Hall China for China Specialties. The spouts of these newer teapots are not as well tooled and can easily be told from the older ones by simply comparing the spouts.


Patterns made for China Specialties include Autumn Leaf, Blue Bouquet, Cattail, Crocus, Mexicana, Red Poppy, Silhouette, and Silver Glo. Unless these teapots have been tampered with, they are signed with the China




size 9" from spout to handle 5 1/4" tall, the main body is about 5 3/4" in diameter




Marked on the bottom in gold :Hall 0693 6 cup made in USA




Condition: Excellent vintage Hall Windshield Teapot


no cracks, no chips


the gold decorated details are in very good condition with little wear for a vintage hall teapot